Friday, August 10, 2007

You are Being Guided

We human beingnesses are instinctively being guided to evolve. As with all creatures, we must accommodate to alterations in our environment to last and flourish. We can see grounds of this evolutionary tendency in our physiology, our society, and in our technology. Our encephalons go on to develop, an increasingly big per centum of world is becoming literate person and educated, and engineering have provided contiguous entree to millions of people's heads through telephone cells and bit sets. Satellite and Internet substructure is providing a "global mind" where we see and believe the same thing at the same time, as one consciousness. The critical mass of what we believe displacements the consciousness of people on a planetary scale. How we believe impacts the quality of our life, and even our survival.

Each twenty-four hours of your life you are provided experiences where you have got to do picks in how you believe and behave. The more than than witting you are the more those picks convey greater felicity and peace into your life. You have got got learned from your life experiences what conveys greater pleasance or hurting into your existence, and have adapted your ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to increase the pleasance in your life and cut down the pain. The more than witting you have got got got become, the greater clarity, felicity and peace you have gained by evolving your witting awareness.

Your inherent aptitude have guided you to learn, and grow, and germinate to your peak potential, and it still is. You have been guided to these words to reflect on them. The more than than witting you go of how you are being guided, the more you will see how you are being guided. The more than than witting you go of the consciousness that is guiding you, the more witting you become. Your consciousness evolves the more than witting you go of your consciousness. As you go more than witting you addition greater clarity, felicity and peace. It is only when we go unconscious that we think, state or make things that injury ourselves or others. Only unconscious people ache others, lie, cheat, steel, maltreatment or hate. Only an unconscious society discourtesy others rights, destruct its natural resources, overpopulates or reward war.

We germinate through the diagnostic tests and trials of day-to-day living, both individually and collectively as a society. Lessons learned aid to germinate us, but when we are not witting of what we are being tested in we neglect the diagnostic test and acquire tested again and again until we larn and either additional evolve, or perish. You have got been guided to this minute of self-contemplation in order to reflect upon your ain topographic point in the development of your ain consciousness, and the function you might play in awakening the corporate consciousness of world so that we might all dwell together in felicity and peace. You are portion of a rapidly growing section of the population that is awakening to full consciousness. Your individual awakening is contributing to the critical mass that is shifting the consciousness of the planet; you are preparing the manner for an evolutionary leaping in human consciousness. You are building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

From the heart, Steven S. Sadleir

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