Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It Was The Word Not The Touch That Healed!

A adult male full of Hansen's disease attacks Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. We read of this true incident in Saint Luke Chapter 5 and at poetry 12. The diction bespeaks he is in the advanced phases of the disease.

Think of the hurting - isolation - banishment - chunks - twined contorted limbs - deficiency of physical feelings. He drop at Jesus Of Nazareth feet - how undignified! For old age he would have got been begging - having to shout out "Unclean" everywhere he went.

If you are willing you can mend me! What an unfastened ardent sincere request. This clip Jesus Of Nazareth did not overlook the supplication from this offended body. "You cognize my need. Mend my pain." "Cleanse me."

Healing is never directly used in the linguistic context of leprosy. The Hebrew for Hansen's disease intends "collapse" or "strike" - and it came to intend "stricken by God".

Sin offprints us from Supreme Being - and from one another - so makes leprosy.

Sin is not at first easy to diagnose - it works silently and secretly - so makes leprosy.

Sin disfigures and falsifies - so makes leprosy.

Sin paralyses and takes feeling and sensitiveness - so makes leprosy.

Sin takes into solitariness and isolation - so makes leprosy.

Sin ultimately do decease - so makes leprosy.

In Isaiah 53 poetry 4, we read of the agony retainer being smitten by Supreme Being - in other words, Jesus Of Nazareth took our Hansen's disease when he hung on the cross.

David in Psalm 51 poetry 7 shouts out to be purged - and cleansed - wash me - he sees himself as a Negro spiritual leper. The nexus between Hansen's disease and sinfulness is well established.

Verse 13. Jesus Of Nazareth touched what was not supposed to be touched. Jesus Of Nazareth could not overlook such as an ardent plea. Jesus Of Nazareth came to reconstruct the harm that had been done through sin.

We indicate at institutional weaknesses today, but it is sinfulness that is the cause. Institutions make not sinfulness - people sin.

When necessary Jesus Of Nazareth would brush aside spiritual ordinances and traditions. They only impede existent aid being given. He was to travel to the priests, and testify. Brand an offering. Put right what you have got to set right.

Jesus was concerned about after attention or follow up. News of this healing soon got around. Crowds came! What did Jesus Of Nazareth do? He withdrew to pray.

Jesus did not desire to be just a healer, although this had been a time period of enormous success. He make up one's minds to be alone with His Father - to set up for the adjacent phase in His Ministry. Prayerful seasons are indispensable - difficult but necessary.

Verse 17. The paralysed adult male is brought by four friends to a very busy house, where spiritual crowded in around Jesus. Bash read the item in the existent text. The spiritual leadership were spiritually ill and Jesus Of Nazareth so wanted to mend them. But at this point He said and did nothing.

In these transitions - Jesus Of Nazareth is healing people - on His Manner to mend person - or coming from healing person - but HE also loved to teach. However, on this occasion, did anything sink in?

"You cannot learn the unborn!"

The four work force carried their friend - and unroofed the roof. Jesus saw their religion - the inventiveness of faith. Was it the paralysed adult male who planned the whole operation?

When you pick up the jobs of another individual it can be a heavy weight - a loading - a load. It took four of them. There are modern times when we must not seek to make it on our own. And, we must not pick up people and driblet them. We have got to do the committedness to lodge with it. Bringing certain people to Jesus is seldom easy. There are problems.

These four work force went around their job and got over their problem. Then the roof was a problem. They refused to give up. They had religion in this alone Man inside - just as the Roman Centurion had religion - and that always travels Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth - that moves the bosom of God.

They also interrupted the flowing of Jesus instruction - Jesus was never offended by breaks when they were marks and presentations of religion and confidence. "Your sinfulnesses are forgiven." No substance what obstructions set in their way, they would not be put off. They were Determined!

What a direct contrast in these two groups. Jesus Of Nazareth trades with a hopeless case. Jesus Of Nazareth travels right to the very bosom of the existent job - and sets His Finger on what is wrong. Jesus Of Nazareth saw a deeper need.

Verse 22. Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth knew what they were thinking - as they sat aloof - apart - at a safe distance from Jesus. Jesus Of Nazareth conveys it to the surface - out into the unfastened - and there is a crisis.

"Who makes HE believe HE is - GOD? They could not maintain their ideas secret from Jesus. He could see right through them. DISCERNMENT. So often the healing incidents involved conflict. I inquire why?

They were not interested in Jesus, nor in the ill man.

The authorization of Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth was not to mend the ill but to forgive SIN! Note that Jesus Of Nazareth makes not pray for this adult male to be healed. He told him what to do.

Human touching can often be helpful - and can do it easier for the ill individual to react - but it was His Word that counted. It was the Word not the Touch that healed.

Although we cannot avoid the fact that human sinfulness makes drama some portion in disease and illness - we must avoid the equation - as Jesus Of Nazareth did - that much illness bes much sin. That lone bring forths guilt.

He arose - walked off - glorifying GOD. Everyone was uplifted. This adult male had been a hopeless case. Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth loves to cover with hopeless cases, and Jesus desires to cover with the whole adult male - spiritually - emotionally - physically. The reaction is one of awe, surprise and fear.

Sandy Shaw

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