Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Positive Affirmations With a Healing, Restorative Foot Massage

Here is an intoxicant manner to honour your organic structure with love and gratitude. Today you will concentrate on that very overlooked and overworked portion of your body, namely your feet! Did you ever see how lucky you are to have got feet? Bash yours work? By that Iodine mean, can you walk? Well then, my friend, you have got already won the lottery so to speak. Even if you can't walk, you can still appreciate and love your feet.

First, happen some lotion-any sort will do. If you like a peculiar aroma or have got a favourite organic structure lotion, usage it for this. Now let's do your feet very happy.

Lie down and acquire comfortable. You may fall asleep by the clip this exercising is over, so perhaps you desire to travel to your bed. Now begin lovingly and gently applying lotion to your feet, one at a time. Go slowly-no rushing allowed. Take the clip now to appreciate every facet of your foot. Actively pattern gratitude.

Feel for the pulsation on the very top of your foot, this is your dorsalis pedis. Sometimes you can experience it easily. Other times, it may be faint or adjacent to impossible to feel. If you can happen it, experience your very bosom as it gently beats out and presents the lifeblood to your feet. Pretty amazing, yes?

Concentrate on all the countries of your foot, Feel every toe, nail bed, callous, tendon, muscle, lump, and bump. Take some other clip as you rub your heel and give thanks it for carrying the weight of your organic structure one thousands of statute miles (and if you ever squashed your feet into stiletto heels or craze shoes-like Iodine did- then I make bold state you owe an other makes of gratitude to your cherished feet). Let yourself to direct loving and thankful ideas to your foot. Love your foot. It is such as a very of import portion of your being.

Send positive avowals and car suggestions to your feet using this or similar healing dialogue: "As I gently use lotion and warm you my foot, I give thanks. You humbly transport my weight and yet I rarely give you a 2nd thought. You are a critical portion of my beingness and I give thanks you for your strength and service. You, my ft are cherished and I give thanks the Godhead for bestowing the gift of walking to me. My ft is alive and healthy. I am happy to experience you relaxing, my foot. It is my pleasance to give you pleasure. You are now receiving the healing and restoring you need."

Once your ft experiences relaxed and warm, gently put it down. Now make the same to the other foot. Let yourself to be fully present in the minute and bask this healing ft massage as much as you can.

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