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Changing Our Thoughts - The Metaphysics Of Winning the Internal Thinking Game

There is a great narrative that exemplifies the advice Jesus Of Nazareth gave the adherents when He sent them out to state people the good news -- the news that the Kingdom of Supreme Being is within. It is about a struggle between the Wind and the Sun, about who was the most powerful. The Wind believed he was stronger because of his destructive mightiness in tornadoes, hurricanes, sand storms, and boom storms. He pointed out his ability to turn a simple coffin nail or lightning work stoppage into a raging wood fire which could level 100s of one thousands of estate of forestland.

There wasn't a twenty-four hours that went by without the Wind boasting of his power. The Sun grew tired of the Wind's haughtiness and decided to settle down the substance once and for all. He challenged the Wind to a contest.

"Look, you old wind bag," said the Sun, "I'm going to turn out you're not as powerful or influential as you believe you are."

"Oh, you are, are you? Just how make you suggest to make that?" taunted the Wind.

"See that old Truth Student down there taking a walk."

The Wind whisked himself around to acquire a better look. The Wind smiled his pleasance and sent a twit blast of wind to strike hard the Truth Student off balance.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes, I see him. Kinda puny isn't he? Surely you can happen a better topic than that hapless old Truth Seeker!"

The Sun's voice did not release as he leveled his challenge. "I dispute you to blow the Student's jacket off his back."

"Ha! You're making this much too easy. In a short while," he boasted, "I shall govern Heaven and Earth."

He began to blow, playfully at first, to disorient the Truth Seeker. To his surprise the adult male held onto his jacket. The Wind blew harder, sending him ricocheting back and forth across the street -- but the adult male clutched his jacket even tighter! The harder the Wind blew, the more than the adult male resisted.

The Truth Student's doggedness angered the Wind so he sent immense blasts of wind which pushed him into parked autos and against the sides of buildings. But the adult male would not allow travel of his jacket. Another ferocious blast of wind blew the man's chapeau off and knocked him down, but the adult male clung to his jacket all the more.

Finally, the Wind gave up and challenged the Sun to win where he had failed.

The Sun smiled and sent beaming beams of heat upon the Truth Student. The adult male stood up and brushed off his jacket and trousers, welcoming the alteration in the weather. In a short while, he began to perspire. Beads of perspiration began to look on his brow and neck.

The sun continued to direct beaming visible light and heat upon the Truth Seeker who first unzipped his jacket and then took it off.

The Sun's "soft sell" attack was much more than persuasive, wouldn't you agree? The Wind's docket was to rake the coat off the adult male against his will. The Wind had confused loving invitation with rough influence.

The Sun, on the other hand, knew the kernel of tactful influence and that the best sort of persuasion is showing warmth, kindness, and apprehension through letting its visible light radiance -- instead of intimidation, force, judgmentalness, or humiliation.

The Sun used the same secret Jesus Of Nazareth understood when He cautioned His adherents not to military unit Truth rules on anyone. He encouraged a soft metaphysical approach. The message is in three of the four Gospels, so it is an of import teaching. It looks in Matt. 10:7;10-14; Mark 6: 7-11; and Saint Luke 9: 1-5.

The actual interlingual rendition is fairly straightforward. Share the Truth with those who are ready to hear it. If you ran into with opposition or disinterest, don't coerce the issue. Shingle the dust off your feet and non-judgmentally go on your Truth walk.

Metaphysically, this transition is rich in timeless wisdom. I'll explicate the cardinal words and conceptions first and then offer a metaphysical interpretation:

Jesus: that within us which acknowledges and conscientiously endeavors to carry through our Jesus Potential

Kingdom of Heaven: Jesus Consciousness

Twelve disciples: the twelve higher consciousness powerfulnesses within us

Town or village: a aggregation of recognized views, a belief system, a peculiar point of view, socially accepted behaviors

House: individual human consciousness

Shake the dust off your feet: denying the powerfulness of the shallowness of philistinism or the unhealthy enticement of outer visual aspects to overcast our Negro Negro spiritual understanding

Metaphysically, there are three of import lessons with a spiritual meaning:

  • As we use our growth consciousness of Truth rules (the 12 powers, represented by the 12 disciples, which are quickened by our Iodine Am-ness) to our existent beliefs and habitual ways of thinking, we will ran into with some internal resistance. It is natural to experience some interior combat whenever we are stretching our Negro spiritual awareness.
  • Some of our beliefs will be easy to change. Others may take awhile. Be patient with yourself as you switch your thought to the new, higher Negro Negro spiritual Truth.
  • When we meet immune thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, we must deny the powerfulness of mercenary dispositions to overcast our apprehension (shake the dust from our feet) and go on to walk the spiritual way on practical feet. Admit the immune thoughts, verbally deny any powerfulness they may have, and replace them with positive statements affirming the Truth of what you believe.
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