Monday, February 18, 2008

Drugs - When Forbidden To Christians

When are drugs forbidden to Christians, and when are they not? They are not allowed when they are contrary to God's law and/or man's law. They are allowed when they are needed to maintain us alive and they are not contrary to either God's or Man's laws. We dwell in a iniquitous state, in a iniquitous system, where illness and decease come ups fast upon us. Drugs are the lone makeshift we have got to temporarily hold that dying process. When prescribed legally and taken as prescribed, we have got done nil to pique Jehovah.

But makes the Book actually forbid the usage of drugs for pleasure? Not per say, but it makes supply needed guidelines so that we can cognize what to make and what to avoid in order to delight God.

For example, in Saint Luke 10:27, we see that it is written . . . '"You must love Yahweh your Supreme Being with your whole bosom and with your whole psyche and with your whole strength and with your whole mind," and, "your neighbour as yourself."' So, believing this, would a individual really be loving his Supreme Being with his whole psyche and his whole head if he do a pattern of things that needlessly shorten his life and cause his head to be destroyed? Are he showing love for his neighbour if he steals from him to back up his drug habit?

Also, in 2 Cor. 7:1, it says, "Since we have got got these promises [of having Yahweh as our Supreme Being and our Father], darling ones, allow us cleanse ourselves of every befoulment of flesh and spirit, perfecting sanctity in God's fear." However, knowing this, could we anticipate to have God's blessing if we deliberately make things that gorge our bodies?

And in Titus Flavius Vespasianus 3:1, we read, "Be in subjugation and be obedient to government and authorities as rulers." In many locations, ownership or usage of most recreational drugs is a misdemeanor of the law.

What about marijuana? Are it just as harmless a drug as some docs have got stated? Dr. Henry Martin Robert L. DuPont, former manager of the National

Institute on Drug Maltreatment in the United States, who in the past was quoted as minimizing danger from marijuana, more than recently stated in the March, 1979 Montreal Gazette, "The existent issue is the two-fold wellness danger posed by this epidemic of marihuana usage by the little generation. One is the consequence of the intoxication, ranging from the risky impact on drive to an unaffectionate mental attitude toward anything serious. The other country is purely physical. Here the concerns scope from the regular happening of chronic bronchitis among marihuana users to the very existent possibilities of noxious hormonal effects, personal personal effects on the immune system and possibly even cancer."

In the March 1981 Science Digest these inside information were provided: "Regular marihuana puffing may, in the long run, widen the spreads between nervus terminations in the encephalon that are necessary for such as critical mathematical functions as memory, emotion and behavior. In order for nervousness to execute their functions, they must pass on between themselves." Then, commenting on the consequences of diagnostic tests involving animals, the article continues: "The most pronounced personal effects occurred in the septal region, which concerns itself primarily with emotions, but is also responsible for the control of memory, knowledge and movement; also affected were the hippocampus, concerned with formation; and the amygdala, located deep in the temporal lobes and responsible for certain behavioural functions.

And what of the people who state thatmarijuana usage is no worse than the imbibing of alcoholic beverages? For one, Alcohol is a nutrient and is metabolized by the organic structure quickly to supply energy. The end merchandises are disposed of by the organic structure as waste. However, in an October 1977 edition of Executive Health Report, a psycho-pharmacologist said: "Marijuana is a very cogent drug, and the greatest error we do is comparing it to alcohol. Molecule for molecule, the tetrahydrocannabinol in marihuana is 10,000 times stronger than alcoholic beverage in its ability to bring forth mild intoxication. And tetrahydrocannabinol dissipates very slowly from the body, taking many calendar months to retrieve from its effects."

The Godhead cognizes how we are made, and his Word licenses moderate usage of alcoholic beverages. (Ps. 104:15; 1 Tim. 5:23) But he also strongly reprobates immoderate ingestion of alcohol, just as he reprobates gluttony. So, following this and the earlier mentioned guidelines Yahweh have provided to maintain us make clean of any type of befoulment that mightiness displease him or cause us not to derive his approval, allow us all carefully avoid the enticements of recreational drug usage and unrecorded to function Yahweh faithfully.

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