Monday, January 14, 2008

Could These Sentences On Prayer Encourage You and Me To Get Down To Fervent Prayer?

"If the Christian church would only awaken to her duty of intercession, we could well evangelize the human race in a short time. It is not God's program that the human race be merely evangelized ultimately. It should be evangelized in every generation. There should be a changeless Gospel witnesser in every corner of the human race so that no evildoer demand stopping point his eyes in decease without hearing the gospel, the good news of redemption through Christ."

"Hell is bigger today than it was yesterday, because many of us have got failed to pray."

"There is no powerfulness like that of prevailing prayer, of Abraham pleading for Sodom, Francois Jacob wrestle in the hush of the night, Moses standing in the breach, Hannah drunk with sorrow, Saint David heartbroken with compunction and grief, Jesus Of Nazareth in perspiration of blood. Add to this listing from the records of the Christian church your personal observation and experience, and always there is the cost of passionateness unto blood. Such supplication prevails. It turns ordinary people into work force of power. It conveys power. It conveys fire. It conveys rain. It conveys life. It conveys God."

"If we make not thirst here we shall thirst when it is too late; if we make not thirst as Saint David did, 'My psyche thirsteth for God' (Ps. 42: 2), we shall thirst as Dives did for a driblet of water."

"Once a mediocre psyche entered the school of supplication after his reaching in hell. He asked for alleviation from his agony; it was refused. He asked that a mendicant warn his brothers; he was turned down. He was praying to Abraham, a man; he could not turn up God. He dared not inquire to acquire out; he plainly knew that he was beyond all hope. Prayerless on earth, unreciprocated in hell, he endures on as the adult male who tried to larn to pray too late."

"Of all the duties enjoined by Christian Religion none is more than than indispensable and yet more neglected than prayer. Most people see the exercising a fatiguing ceremony, which they are justified in abridging as much as possible. Even those whose community or fearfulnesses take them to pray, pray with such as dreaminess and rovings of head that their prayers, far from drawing down blessings, only increase their condemnation."

"How difficult is it sometimes to acquire leave of absence of Black Maria to seek God! Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus went more than willingly to the cross than we make to the throne of grace."

"The Western Christian Christian church have lost the supplication staying power of the missionary post Christian churches in Asia, Africa, South America, Indonesia, and those of the belowground church in many parts of the world. Yes, we are great organizers, but mediocre pray-ers."

"The supplication of religion is the lone powerfulness in the existence to which the great Yahweh yields. Prayer is the autonomous remedy."

"Bear up the custody that hang down, by religion and prayer; support the tottering knees. Rich Person you any years of fasting and prayer? Storm the throne of saving grace and persevere therein, and clemency will come up down."

"How many Christians there are who cannot pray, and who seek by effort, resolve, joining supplication circles, etc., to cultivate in themselves the "holy fine art of intercession," and all to no purpose. Here for them and for all is the lone secret of a existent invocation life - "Be filled with the Spirit," who is "the Spirit of saving grace and supplication."

"Whole years and weeks have got I spent prostrate on the land in soundless or vocal prayer."

"All decays get in the supplication closet. No bosom booms with out much secret conversation with God, and nil will do damages for the privation of it."

"No erudition, no pureness of diction, no breadth of mental outlook, no flowers of eloquence, no saving grace of individual can atone for deficiency of fire. Prayer ascends by fire. Fire gives supplication entree as well as wings, credence as well as energy. There is no incense without fire; no supplication without flame."

"Truth without enthusiasm, morality without emotion, rite without soul, are things Jesus unsparingly condemned. Destitute of fire, they are nil more than a godless philosophy, an ethical system, and a superstition."

Sandy Shaw

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