Friday, January 18, 2008

Nixing Your Negative Nelly

Do you see yourself an optimist or a pessimist? Are you the glass-half-empty type, Oregon make you proudly present yourself as Mr. or Ms. Positive? While it may be easier for our occupant naysayers to acknowledge themselves in the followers words, remainder assured everyone can associate to this topic...

Why? Because we're all negative - at least at times.

Have you gossiped recently? Negative vibration. Rich Person you judged or criticized person either out loud or silently? Negative. Rich Person you complained about something because it wasn't the manner you thought it should be? Neg... well, you acquire the idea.

The first measure to becoming a 'positively positive' individual is simply recognizing when you're being negative. For some people, this volition be easy. For others, negativeness is so ingrained, it's go an almost unconscious manner of life.

So how make you cognize when you've slipped into Negative Nelly mode? As always, all you necessitate make is bank check in with your feelings. If you experience sad, angry, jealous, ache - in other words, anything undesirable - you are in negative-land.

And how make you acquire out, and into a better space? You choose to experience happy, peaceful, abundant, secure, etc.

One of the most of import conceptions I learn through my coaching job is that no 1 can 'do' anything to you. No individual or state of affairs can do you to experience any manner unless you let it. Consciously or unconsciously, you are choosing how you experience in every minute of your life. I ask for you to do great choices, and experience terrific as often as possible!

So here's a simple expression to transform your life from negative to positive:

1. Acknowledge when you are being negative (the cardinal is paying attending to how you're feeling).

2. Ask yourself what would experience better in that very moment.

3. Choose that feeling instead.

If you can get the hang this 1 small formula, you will be able to switch your position any clip you want - putting you on the fast path to attracting all you desire.

Until adjacent time...

With love,


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