Friday, February 1, 2008

Relativity as a Spiritual Concept

God as a Negro spiritual absolute causes us to analyze spiritualty information in a mode that links the 1 beginning known as Supreme Being with the dualistic nature of the universe. Our Negro spiritual growing depends on making this connection. How we construe the conception of Supreme Being as an absolute and Supreme Being as the all of everything is the esoteric conception we are going to examine. We will get our Negro spiritual pursuit with the thought that anterior to the creative activity of the existence Supreme Being bes in what we name the kingdom of the absolute.

So here was God's quandary: God, who cognizes all things and is all things, absolutely knew that she was this beautiful, majestic, noble, glorious existence but she could only cognize herself in all her impressiveness conceptually. Supreme Being yearned for the experience of being beautiful, majestic, solid and glorious. Supreme Being aspired for a true awareness of her impressiveness that would necessitate her to position her finish magnificence from all perspectives.

God knew that this could not be achieved in the absolute because the very thoughts of beauty, majesty, aristocracy and gloriousness are relative to what beauty, majesty, nobility, and gloriousness are not.

You see, in the kingdom of the absolute everything that is known is absolute. Beauty is beauty. Majestic is majestic. Lord is noble. Glorious is glorious. Only by matching a conception to something the conception is not you can see the conception from a different perspective.

You necessitate to see the conception relation to what the conception is not. You necessitate relativity. It is only through theory of relativity that you can fit a conception to something the conception is not and thereby undergo it.

In order to experience hot you must see hot in its human relationship to what hot is not. Something we name cold. You have got got hot on one end of the spectrum and you have cold on the other end. Now you can undergo hot and cold and all the varying grades of the spectrum between hot and cold.

This is what theory of relativity is all about. This is what physical life is all about. In order to undergo something, you must see it in relation to what it is not. You could state that in defining yourself you must see yourself in relation to everything that you claim you are not. If you are good then you claim that you are not bad. If you are tall then you claim that you are not short. If you are honorable then you claim that you are not a liar. It is by that which you are not that you, yourself, are defined.

So God, while residing in the kingdom of the absolute, cognizes all things, conceptually and Supreme Being is all things, conceptually. Supreme Being knew that in order for Supreme Being to undergo and be all that Supreme Being cognizes and is, Supreme Being would have got got to make a space that would let all Supreme Being cognizes and is to be in human human relationship to the antonym of all that is known and is.

God would have to make a topographic point where conceptions were allowed to be in relationship to what the conception is not. Supreme Being would have got to make a topographic point where Supreme Being was allowed to be in human relationship to what Supreme Being is not. Supreme Being would have got to make a human relationship world, a existence of theory of relativity in order for Supreme Being to cognize experientially all that she cognizes of conceptually.

Wow! What a great project. What a brilliant undertaking. What a supreme reply to God's desire to undergo all that she cognizes conceptually.

So where is Supreme Being going to construct this brilliant creative activity and how is it going to function? That is an first-class inquiry and one that necessitates a whole article itself in order to answer.

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