Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Five Recommended Ingredients for Living

This is a work in progress. Tastes change. Memories change. Recipes are always being revised.

I could not but assist draw analogues between the flowing of life and the usage of metaphors to explicate some things. No large book doctrine here. Just trial and mistake flavors, some empirical amalgamated in, along with spices derived from life's ebbing and flow.

Doing some genealogical surveys a few old age back, I looked and looked on the Internet for a formula for "chili sauce" that my great auntie Rose had assembled in her Nicetown kitchen (Phila.) Some 50 odd old age ago during a long summertime interruption in class school.

My father had a holiday and small money. He also wanted Aunt Rose to share a formula that his female parent had used to make. Aunt Rose was getting along in years. We went to a husbandman in the country, bought fresh veggies and assembled something like an Irish-American version of salsa. Then there was the "canning" of such as into Mason jars.

I lost Aunt Rose's formula that my father had written down. The "chili sauce" that she had made resided in my stored memory until I establish something stopping point to the original in composition and after I made it - in taste. In retrospect the Pursuit or the end of the hunt was probably as appreciated as the food.

I establish a formula in the 1923 Buttocks Farmer cookery book under the label "Celery and Tomato" gusto on the Internet that tantrum my memory and visuals of those two long dead relatives, my father and great auntie Rose, on that twenty-four hours in the kitchen five odd decennaries ago. The Internet makes in many little ways function world or at least this human from clip to time.

Now having had consciousness in this kingdom of person being for stopping point to half a century, may I share my ain formula and reference of ingredients for adding the (?) right measurement of spice into a perhaps balanced life experience?

Five Recommended Ingredients

Quest (seek). Respect. Management. Generosity. Joy (rejoice).

Interested in the Recipe ? Read on.

Seek the Universe:

Seek, question, study, learn, and interact with all things and everyone.

Find your comfortableness in the strategy of things.

Respect Life:

Try to pass on with all life things (yourself included).

Recognize and regard that which is a life root of the Tree of Life.

Manage your Resources:

Micro and Macro - These to include little and large things including personal finances and intellectual conceptions among others.

Do not allow the human race control you. You should command your world.



And if not give, seek to share. Be generous of yourself to others.

What you have got is temporary; give back to society and to people existent and abstract goods.



Enjoy Life. Bash not detain or prorogue that enjoyment under any circumstances. Bash that which gives you satisfaction provided it makes no injury to others or to yourself.

Project proudly and freely the endowments learned individually and those endowments that are gifts of the Universe.

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