Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's Have Bigger And Bigger Shops Even Though The Smaller Ones May Have To Close!

This love song about a lover and a vinery attracted the attending of the people, but only for a very limited period. Bash take clip and do clip to read this astonishing song, which can be establish in the gap poetry of Isaiah Chapter 5. But then Isaiah explicates the significance of what he have got been vocalizing and the reaction of his audience in Capital Of Israel changes.

I have written about this song and why he sung it in another article.

In a few crisp lines in poetry 7, Isaiah unveils the whole intent of the prophetic song. When Supreme Being looked - He saw what He did not desire to see.

Then, in poetry 8, it goes serious. Suffering - this is a curse word - it is the antonym of being blessed. Jesus Of Nazareth used 'woe' as often as he said 'blessed'. There come ups that minute when God's choler furuncles over.

Isaiah states - "Woe to those who have got given their lives to stuff chases - to concern - to pleasance - and to greed. It is a disease. They still wanted more than than and more - the bosom of the adult male is concern - always adding - always wanting to be larger - and crushing out others to make so. Isn't God's Word so up to day of the month - so contemporary?

Let's have got got larger and larger stores - it doesn't substance how many small 1s have to close. There are laws in Leviticus Chapter 25 designed to forestall this from happening - but so-called progressive people chose to disregard God's laws - and make so at their peril.

They would not mind Supreme Being - and might became right. This is so relevant.

Woe to the avaricious - this word is directed squarely towards the rich who have got been using their wealthiness to buy land and place thus depriving the mediocre of any opportunity of making a satisfactory living. God's Hand of protection was soon to be lifted. Here is a word that would do us desire to be sensitive to injustice. Any abuse of any powerfulness and authorization we have got been given can go an offense in the eyes of a just and loving God.

The adjacent thing Isaiah says, in poetry 11, is the 2nd of seven woes.

Some were living only for what they name pleasance - this is so unnatural - early in the morning time time - drink and music from morning until night. Our land is full of this - you only have got to read the ads in the local papers. And - when you prophesy this - proclaim this - you are regarded as peculiar.

These poetries talk of a careless, irresponsible society indulging in the surpluses of extravagance - without giving any idea to the consequences. But when that is going on around us there is no respect for the work of Supreme Being - no concern for Supreme Being and what He is doing.

What is the state of affairs like where you live?

Prophecy is rooted in the consistence of God. All this Pbs to Negro spiritual dearth - leadership volition be hungry - people will be thirsty - plentifulness of nutrient and drink, yet many will be hungry and thirsty. Man cannot unrecorded by breadstuff alone - adult male necessitates Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth and His Word.

The thoughtless - the mindless - when they became too well-heeled, they immerse into pleasance - too busy with concern and pleasance to be bothered about Supreme Being - Jesus - the Cross - Worship and Prayer.

Verses 16 and 17 learn us that one twenty-four hours they will be humbled, and animate beings will crop in the ruinations of their business.

In poetries 18 to 21, we see a mental sexual perversion that is very common today - mocking at Supreme Being - "If there is a God, Isaiah, allow Him demo Himself."

Isaiah then proclaims - Suffering to those who have got got their thoughts so amalgamated up that they make not cognize what is right from incorrect - and that which is wicked they believe it is good. They prefer darkness for visible light - Supreme Being have given them light - but they deliberately chose darkness - their ain ways - they preferred confusion to clarity. When Supreme Being throws out what is pure and sweet, they prefer that which is disgusting and sour. Suffering unto them that are wise in their ain eyes.

This is a elaborate image of the tragical state of affairs in the state as it was then - but it is alarmingly similar to what many of us are experiencing today. Are you willing to be portion of the solution?

Sandy Shaw

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