Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vital Unlearning, Blessed Reduction

God is in the concern of reducing us to the bare-bone lower limit so He can construct us up again from scratch. He unclutters off all our beloved, self-serving construction and then constructs us up again on a new Foundation: Christ. Getting to a Negro spiritual land nothing is difficult. Unanticipated adversity is a dependable characteristic of God's life-consuming clemency and grace. From the clip we open up ourselves up to Christ, He immediately travels to work, breaking down every thing we built apart from His approval. All of this is a painful process.

Though it doesn't experience like anything good at the time, it is a Godhead clemency when Supreme Being crying down any misconception that would take us to presume too much about ourselves. His effectual method for bringing us back to the page that He desires us on is Negro Negro spiritual devastation.

God is the great, spiritual Surgeon, who will make whatever it takes to save His people. Oftentimes His saving grace plant like a surgeon's knife, which aches for a piece and might even be us a limb. Repentance, for example, is a painful ordeal, but its end merchandise is heavenly, unfading joy. It is eternally more than good for Supreme Being to pulverize us for a while, if it's according to His will, so He can construct us back up again by His Spirit. In this manner we will learn, despite ourselves, to swear in Christ's celestial designing rather than any manful invention. Humble penitence is often the same thing as unlearning. As we bury everything we believe we know, Supreme Being will convey us back to the beginning, or to whatever hamlet it was where we turned off from loving the Truth.

When we give up our right to even understand Supreme Being in Christ, then He will convey us back from our animal highs down to solid, Negro spiritual level. He will construct us up from a humble, dust-covered topographic point so that we accept His Deity through religion and not through any virtuousness of our own.

As for us, if we have got got never relinquished our right to be in complaint of our lives and yet still see ourselves Spirit-led, then we have an impossible amount of unlearning to do. Rich Person we been edifice with gold, Ag and cherished stone, or with some feeble imitation? Bash we want to be utile to God? Then let's listen and not presume anything. No substance what happens, we have got encouragement in the fact that Supreme Being is faithful.

I recognize that the general populace, whether churched or un-churched, will not believe about anything, much less make anything, unless they comprehend some compelling motivation. We westerners will not lift up from our comfy topographic points and take attention of concern with Supreme Being unless we are compelled by a greater Power than ourselves. One potentially good property we westerners transport around with us is our abomination for cachexia clip on something that looks impossible. If we happen out that something is not deserving doing, we will quickly travel on to something more worthwhile.

Anyone who is convinced that something is a waste material of clip will, and should, form that thing out of their life. If individual sincerely believes that God's land is a waste material of clip then Supreme Being will phase that person out Himself.

But there is Life, there is motion and there is inspiration in Christ.

Christ sent the Holy Place Spirit as a fire over the caputs of those people that made up His earlier church. These days, if He sent His Spirit again, He would have got to come up as a Red Hot Fire, lit directly underneath our rear-ends. Supreme Being may sometimes resemble a cheering shock absorber to His people in this world, but for our interests I trust He is more than like a pincushion. I trust and pray for our interests that God's Spirit more closely resembles a crisp point that nudges us into Negro spiritual action than a soft pillow that letups us to sleep.

So what make we really believe about God's kingdom? If we believe it's a waste material of time, then why not just acknowledge it? If life by religion in Jesus is a truly unpointed endeavor, then we have got nil to lose by saying so. Besides, if Supreme Being is God, then He already cognizes what's on our minds, so we're not going to draw a fast on one Him by professing a nonexistent faith. So, if we are not deceiving God, who then is left for us to deceive? Ourselves? We might as well follow through with what we really believe and halt agonizing ourselves by trying to set our religion in Supreme Being and the human race at the same time.

However, if we have got got tasted God's grace, if we have caught a glance of His glory, then let's set our hope and trust in Jesus alone. He will make what it takes to salvage every last piece of us, if we are His and if He is God.

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